Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to school!

Hello! This is Kaya posting.

Well, as the title suggests, today was our first day back in school.

I had intended to get up nice and early this morning, so that I would be able to walk leisurely to school, enjoying the crisp air and the autumn colors. Technically all of the trees are still green, (and probably will remain that way, many of them being live oaks!) and the air isn't quite crisp, but it's at least sort of cool.
Unfortunately, things sometimes don't quite work out like we think they should.
When I woke up this morning, I was shocked to see that I had to leave in less than five minutes, if I wanted to only be a little bit late.
I flew out of bed, and rushed around to get ready. Josefina was still around, trying to get Sombrita to go in Coconut's kennel.
Apparently she had forgotten to wake me up because she was wondering about what to do with Sombrita.
Josefina and I ended up biking to school, because there was no way we could make it on foot. It was actually sort of pleasant, in a way. It would have been more pleasant, however, if it hadn't been for the looming fear of being really late on the first day.
Surprisingly, we got there right on time! Either that, or everyone else was late too.
School was really good. It was a lot of fun to see all of my friends in one place again. The last time that happened was at camp, and that didn't work out that well, if you remember.
I could go into great detail about what exactly we did today, but there isn't really that much to say except for that it was a lot of fun, although it doesn't seem like school should be.
When we got home, we discovered that Sombrita had somehow managed to get out of the kennel. I guess she was restless in there, despite the fact that Mom let her out a few times while she was still home.
I don't think that Sombrita had been out for too long, because she had only managed to chew on the rug, knock over the trash, and pull up all of the carpet in one corner. Right then, she was happily chewing on one of Josefina's socks. For Sombrita, that's pretty good behavior.
We shooed her outside, and started to work on reinstalling the carpet before Mom got home.
Well, I should probably get off of the computer now, because Josefina says she needs help with the carpet.



Edit by Josefina: This has nothing to do with the post, but I just noticed that we now have 30 followers!! Yay! Thank you all for following this blog, it means a lot to us.
We'll have to think of some way to celebrate. :D
Until next time!!


Lucy said...

Hello Kaya and Josefina! I'm Lucy... I like your blog!

First, congrats on getting 30 followers! I just became #31. ;)

And I know it probably wasn't your favorite thing to see, but Sombrita looks pretty cute munching away on that sock!

And lucky that you enjoyed school!

mimi said...

Hello Lucy! Thank you!

Haha, yeah, we weren't exactly thrilled at first. It does make a good picture though. :P