Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh dear.

Hi! This is Josefina.

Happy Labor Day! I've never actually heard anyone wish someone a happy Labor day, but, whatever.

Yesterday, my mom took her annual "Back to School Picture" of Kaya and me.
I included it in this post, just because I could. Sorry it looks so grainy, I don't know why all of the pictures that have been put on here lately look that way. They aren't actually all that grainy, but somehow they get messed up in the transition to blogger. I tried to fix this one in Picnik, but it made it worse.

Anyway, Mom wouldn't let us have all of our pets in the picture, because of how many we have.
Also, Coconut likes to chase my lizards, so it probably wouldn't have worked out anyway.
Sombrita and Coconut were the only ones allowed to have their picture taken. They did pretty well together, except for when Sombrita tried to eat Coconut's ribbon.

Well, that evening, Mom was putting the picture on the refrigerator by the other ones, when she noticed something.
"Josefina," she asked. "What do you plan to do with Sombrita when school starts?"

I stopped sorting my pencils for a moment to think about that. It hadn't even crossed my mind before.

Sombrita isn't really the kind of pet that you can leave somewhere. All of the other pets I've ever owned haven't required much supervision. I mean, you don't have to worry much about fish, lizards, or turtles when you're at school. But Sombrita is a different story.

I had thought that she was getting better about not devouring everything in sight, but I guess I was wrong, because about a week ago she relapsed into her old habits.

I would like to think that she would be okay by herself at home... let me rephrase that. I would like to think that our home would be okay if she were left by herself.

I've been thinking about it all night, and I still don't know what to do about her. Mom is gone in the mornings, and so is Dad, so she really can't stay home.

Maybe I can take her to school with me??



Emily said...

Your pets are adorable (I have 3 Westies)! And I love your outfits. Do you have a yard you could keep Sombrita in and give her some hay and toys to keep her busy? That's the only thing I can think of.


mimi said...

Hey, thanks! I love Westies, they're sooo cute! <3
Yeah, that will probably have to work for a while. After I read your comment, I suggested your idea to my mom. She isn't exactly thrilled that Sombrita will be unsupervised, but she says that it's a very good idea. So, I guess that's probably where she will be for a while. :D


Rita said...

Hi Josefina:

Sombrita is so cute. I was thinking maybe you could trade favors with a neighbor--she, or he, could watch Sombrita and you could pull weeds or maybe watch your neighbor's pet in return. I do hope I get to meet you someday. Today was my first day in my new home with Felicity, Elizabeth, Julie, Molly and Kirsten. Oh, and I mustn't forget the human cats: Yoda, B.K. and Molly. I'll write again soon. Love, Kanani.

mimi said...

Hello Kanani!
Ooh, that's a really good idea too! I'm pretty sure that Mom will be pleased to hear that Sombrita won't have to be by herself all the time then. Between your idea and Emily's idea, I'm sure that Sombrita will stay *mostly* out of trouble! :D
I hope I can meet you too! That would be a lot of fun. :)