Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rushing River 2011, Letter 3

Dear Mimi,

It has rained... and rained... and RAINED ever since the 13th. It has gone beyond the point of being funny.
We haven't actually been able to do any camping stuff ever since it started raining.
A couple groups of campers gave up and went home a couple of days ago, although the camp did promise to let us make up for all of the days of camp that we missed. I guess that they didn't feel that it was worth it.
Our group might have decided to come home too, if it wasn't for Mrs. Morgan, the lady that took us all here. She wanted to stick it out, so we have to too. Now we couldn't come home even if we wanted to, because the ground is soggy and it would be pretty dangerous to drive in. I can't even try to stand up on the outside ground without quickly sinking a couple of inches.
Thanks a lot, Mrs. Morgan.
I wonder why it always seems to rain when we come here. Oh well.

P.S. Everyone says hi, and they would have written to you too, but this is the only piece of paper we have in the cabin. (Yes, we are all now in the cabin. The tents were leaking.) All of the other paper is in the supply closet by the nurse's office.


Spicemuffin and Company said...

I hope it stops raining!

Yay, you have the same amount of followers that my main blog does!

mimi said...

Thank you!
I'm sure that Kit appreciates the sentiment.... or she would, if she currently had access to a computer. XP She'll read it when she gets back though. :D

Rita said...

Hi Kit: You could send some of that rain to Kansas City. ^__^ Hope the rest of your camping trip goes better

mimi said...

I'm sure that if she could, she would! :D