Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rushing River 2011, Day 1

Although they never mentioned it here on this blog, the dolls all decided to go to summer camp again this year. Like last year, Kit agreed to write me all about the interesting stuff they do at camp for my enjoyment, and for yours.
Just a few minutes ago, I received my first letter from her, which I have typed out below.

Hello!                                                                         July 11, 2011
Camp has been very fun so far!
The bus ride was much the same this year. I brought a book with me to read, but I didn't get to read much of it because a lot of people were singing songs to pass the time. After a while, I put my book away and sang with them. After all, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!
After about three hours, all of us were pretty hoarse, but still enjoying ourselves, sort of. When we saw the entrance to Rushing Rivers, the singing was stopped, and a cheer filled the air. Then the bus driver, who was pretty tired of us, asked us (rather loudly) to please be quiet. We sat quietly after that.
After check-in and stuff, we had orientation. We were assigned cabins and teams at that point.
Unlike last year, I was put into an actual cabin, instead of a tent. It was a pleasant change.
I am in Cabin 1. Because it is the largest of all of the cabins, more people are put in there.
I was pleased to find out that Molly, Kirsten, Samantha, Kaya, and Rilla will all be staying in Cabin 1 as well.
Cabin 1 is quite spacious, which I was glad of. The tent I stayed in last year was a bit.... petite.
My only real complaint is that it is very hard to get into my bed, which is the top bunk on the right. It's low enough that it doesn't "need" a ladder. You can see from the pictures I sent that a ladder would be helpful.
I guess I still am luckier than Kaya, who is also on a top bunk. Her bed is a lot higher up and narrower than mine is!
For the rest of the afternoon, we mostly unpacked, and got ourselves acquainted with some of the other campers from our teams. We just finished an early dinner that was mostly made up of chili. I suppose that we will probably play some games later.
Well, I have to stop writing now, because one of the camp counselors is now picking up letters to be mailed.
Bye for now!

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