Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas release on etsy!

Today I posted several new wintery listings on etsy! I'm very excited about the items in this release;
winter is my favorite season, and Christmas is my favorite holiday! These outfits and accessories were very fun to design and make, selecting just the right fabrics and yarns to make them how I envisioned them.
Take a look around, if you've got a minute!



Rita said...

Your new Christmas outfit is beautiful, Mimi! I love what you do with your dolls' hair to make her look more realistic and to set off the bow. Best wishes for much success and a happy Christmas.

p.s. Plz tell Etsy I am furious with having to constantly turn off those ads that pop up when I'm looking at something! Grrr...

Rita said...

Mimi: That ad that keeps popping up is called "Visual Shopper." It may be a bug on my own computer if no one else is having the problem. Visual shopper is very rude and covers what a person is trying to look at. ^__^