Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello from the "new" library

Hello! This is Kit.
For about the past month, I've been visiting my grandmother, who lives way out in the country. I would have posted about it, but the only place that has a computer around here is the "new" library. (It's not really new, but it definitely seems that way when compared with the "old" library.)
I only heard that there was a computer here at all about yesterday, so that explains my absence. I don't know what the other girls have been up to; maybe they were all just to lazy to post.
I've had a very good time here, actually. I always do, but this time has been especially fun.
I met a nice girl here named Anna. She looks a lot like my friend Dakota, actually. Anyway, apparently Anna visits her grandmother here about every year too. I had always thought that she lived here, because I usually see her  around sometimes, like at Sunday school.
She thought that I lived here as well. Strange coincidence, huh?

We've been having a lot of fun together. There's not a whole lot to do here that would really be of any interest, but we've done a lot of playing outside. I've gotten a lot better at climbing trees this summer. :D

I have a lot more that I could say, but right now Grandma is motioning to me to finish up soon so I had better wrap this up.

I'm sad that summer is almost over. I have to be back home by next Monday, because school is going to start soon. Such is life, I suppose...

I wish that I had some pictures to put in this post, but, unfortunately, I didn't bring a camera here with me. Hopefully by the next time one of us posts, we'll have something more interesting to post about than why we were gone for nearly a month. :P


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