Monday, June 20, 2011

Big News!

Hi! Jenna here.
The other day Dakota told me about a program that a local fashion company is running. Basically, the entrants had to make a handmade outfit, and send them a picture of it. If you won, you could model some of the pieces of their latest line, if your parents agreed.
Well, the results came in yesterday, and guess who won? ...Dakota!

Not really. Actually, I won!!! I was so excited. And just for the record, I wouldn't feel too bad for Dakota. I don't think she actually got around to entering.
Back to the main point. When I heard that I had won, I ran and told my family. My mom and dad took the news nicely. They told me that they didn't see any problem with it, if they could go with me to the photo-shoot. However, my sister Rachel didn't take it as nicely.
"What?" She squawked in shock. "Jenna gets to model clothing??"
I tried to lighten the blow. "I only get to once, it's not like it's a permanent position or anything."
That didn't help much. You see, Rachel has dreamt about being a model ever since she was about two. This is obviously an exaggeration, since I wasn't even around when Rachel was two, but you get the picture.
Long story short, Rachel is still a little steamed at me for winning. It's not my fault, all I did was enter. Older sisters are so weird.
Anyways, the photo-shoot is on this coming Saturday. I'm not sure if Rachel is coming, but Dakota is definitely coming with us, so we should have a lot of fun! Wish me luck!


Bee said...

I wish you luck!!! But.... will you have to miss gymnastics practice on Saturday?
Olivia :)

mimi said...

Thanks Libby! Ooh, I hadn't thought about that. I might be able to make it, because the photo-shoot starts pretty early in the morning. It depends on when they're done taking pictures.
Hopefully I will see you there!