Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back home already??

A couple evenings ago I was reading peacefully, when I suddenly heard a small knock on the door. I opened the door, and was surprised at what I saw. Kaya, Josefina, Samantha, Kirsten and Kit stood on the doorstep, soaked and shivering. "What are you guys doing here?" I asked, bemused. " I thought you still had a week at camp."
"We did, but-" That was about as far as I understood. It was heavily interrupted by the rain, the wind, and thunder.
"Come inside and dry off, and then tell me." I told them. So about forty minutes later, I was finally getting an explanation over a cup of hot chocolate.
"Well," Josefina explained chattily, "There was supposed to be another week of camp, but then it started raining and flooding a lot."
"In the lower parts, it was flooded past our waists!" Samantha interrupted.
Josefina continued, a little irritated at being interrupted. "Eventually the counselors decided that we should leave while we still could,"
"That is," Samantha interrupted again, "Before the roads flooded so high that they weren't traversable."
"They gave us rain checks!" Kit interrupted.
"ANYWAY," Josefina continued. "We had to leave and they told us that we could come back for another week if the camp dried well. We-"
"We decided we probably wouldn't." Samantha broke in. "We're ready to be back home."
"Samantha will you stop interrupt-" Josefina began.
"Oh that reminds me-" Samantha chatted.
"Anyone want some cookies??" I asked, hoping to divert a fight.

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Rita said...

HI Mimi:

The letters from the girls at camp have been just wonderful. You have taught them to write with much imagination and description. I especially enjoyed the photos of the swim races. How about that Kit--complaining about the rain and thne playing in it! What a trick. Well, I hope it won't take the girls long to get rested up--and get all their laundry done--so they can begin new adventures. Cheers -- Rita

mimi said...

Thank you Rita!