Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Doll fashion week, day 4

Today is day 4 of doll fashion week! Today Josefina is our model. Before I could start taking pictures, Josefina started complaining.
"Hey how come I have to wear this outfit?"
I didn't know, and told her so. "What's the matter with it?" I asked.
"It's the shorts. I'm embarrassed to wear them."
"Why?" I asked, somewhat offended. I had just made those the other day, and I liked them.
"Because the shorts you made these out of were rejected by a five-year old. Think about it, I'm wearing shorts that a small child wouldn't."
"Can I just take your picture anyway?"
"Hey, how come you get a blog, and get to post pictures of us in outfits we don't like, and we aren't allowed to post pictures of you at all on our blogs? Think of what my internet friends are going to think if I dress like this!"
I privately wondered what internet friends Josefina had. "You... don't have a blog." I pointed out.
"So?" She asked.
"Josefina I'm going to get Kit to wear this."
She finally consented after that, it was better to be on my blog in floral shorts than not at all.

Of course she did make me let her pet turtle be in the pictures too, but that's another story....


Rita said...

Mimi, I have enjoyed your four fashion weeks immensely. I just don't know what you're going to do with that Josefina. She has fine shorts and a darling knitted sweater and cute purse. What more does that girl want!

whimsymoon said...

Ditto Mimi! I think Josefina should be proud to wear those shorts! Very fashionable week so far...can't wait to see what you have for tomorrow!

mimi said...

Thanks you two! Josefina really isn't bad, just a little... camera-shy. :) She was pretty pleased with the finished photos, but she did say that she wasn't wearing those shorts again for a while. :D