Monday, September 2, 2013

Fantaisie Impromptu


We entered this outfit in the second round of the Doll Wardrobe blog's Fashion Design Contest, and would once again really appreciate it if you voted for us!! We are entry #41, and we have a friend who is entry #59. (Please vote for them too, if you get a chance!)

To vote, you can either send an email to and specify which ones you'd like to vote for, or you can go to , find the ones you want to vote for, and leave a comment saying that you'd like to vote for it. You can vote only once on each outfit, but you can vote for more than one outfit, if that makes sense.

 If you do decide to vote for us, thank you!! I know I said (wrote) it before, but we really do appreciate it. :D


P.S. Here are links to the individual pages, if you are interested. #41 #59

P.P.S. This outfit is currently for sale on my etsy: linky

P.P.P.S. Once again with the formatting issues. :P


Rita said...

Hi Mimi:

I just came across this outfit again when I realized I hadn't seen your blog or etsy shop for awhile. We DID vote for these outfits but somehow never got around to these posts. I just wanted to say again how ethereally beautiful I think this set is--esp with her hairdo. What have you been up to lately? xxoo Rita

mimi said...

Hi Rita!
Thank you for voting for us, and for your nice comments about the outfit and hairdo!! :D
I've been doing a lot of school related things lately, but also a lot of sewing for my etsy store. I'm almost done with several things, and hopefully should be able to put them up soon. :D