Monday, February 20, 2012

*Technical Difficulties*

Well, so much for a few days until the Etsy store, as you can see. :P As the title insinuates, there were some technical difficulties. At first there was only the trouble of finding time to put everything together, so it was postponed a little bit. And then the computer died. As you can see, I have access to a computer again, but not all of the pictures and things that were on the other computer. We're going to try to scavenge the information from the other computer eventually, but I don't know how soon. So, it might be a while before the etsy store is up. Sorry 'bout that.



Rita said...

Identifying and understanding. Our computer died a s..l..o..w death. Actually, we put it out of its (our) misery and got a new one. Much stuff lost. Much new stuff to learn. Ugh. And we'll do it all over in 3 or 4 years, if not sooner. Who said computers were a good idea? ^__^ <3 <3

Rita said...


Where rrrrrr yoooooooooou?