Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012, from Poppy!

Hello everybody! My name is Poppy. Well, technically, my full name is Penelope Lotta Parker, but I prefer Poppy personally. :D

My cousin, Jenna, was the one who told me about this blog. She was really excited to hear that I was moving here. I'm not so sure yet, it seems to be a nice place, but I kind of miss my old neighborhood. There were a lot of girls my age in my old neighborhood, and a lot of things to do nearby, like a hair salon, a shopping center, a bookstore, and even a Panera Bread!
Jenna says there's a lot of nice people here, so I can't wait to meet some of them.
My other cousins are moving to this area too. Some coincidence, huh? Before this, I had only seen any of my cousins at family reunions, so it will be nice to see them more often.
I guess that I should probably spend more time actually introducing myself, and less time telling you my whole family history. :P
I don't quite know where to start, so I guess I'll begin with some of my hobbies. I like gardening and swimming a lot. Biking is fun, and so are things like sewing and drawing. My favorite subject in school is Science, but I mostly just like the plant parts.

I haven't met many people around here yet, and the people I have met I met on accident. Most of the people I know here I met while my mom, cousins, and I were at a store, just trying to pass some time. I met some of Jenna's friends, twins named Josefina and Kaya, and Kit, who told me that I could post the New Year's post. Oh, that reminds me. I probably should actually get to the New Years part. Since I haven't been here for very long, I can't really write a long, sentimental "we've had a good year here" sort of thing. I guess I'll have to settle for a good ol'
Happy New Year!!


Bee said...

Happy New Year, Poppy!

Rita said...

Happy New Year, Poppy. Welcome to the family. xxoo

mimi said...

Thank you both!!!