Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The first day of school!

Hello! This is Kit writing. I decided that since Mimi hasn't posted in the past few days, I would post about school, since that seems to be all I've thought about lately. Oh, and the picture up there is one we took today right before our classes started.
Our first day of school was really supposed to be yesterday.
Unfortunately (or fortunately, in my case) there was a really violent storm, and the school didn't have electricity for most of the day.
All of the classes were either cancelled, or rescheduled for today.
That same storm uprooted a tree, which fell onto our roof. My mother decided that this would be a good time for me to take advantage of the fact that Springfield Academy is a boarding school. Usually only students from out of town board at the school, but in cases such as this local students can as well.

Anyway, I was glad to see the school again, although summer went by far too quickly. I arrived early, so I could put my suitcase in my bedroom. It was a pleasant surprise to hear that my other friends would also be boarding at the school for a couple of weeks. They didn't tell me why exactly. All I know is that Kirsten's parents are visiting a sick great aunt.

Springfield Academy hasn't changed much from last year. I could tell that they had tried to give the place a facelift, but it didn't help much. Everything still looks a little overcrowded.
School itself was pretty good. None of my classes were overly hard, and I saw a lot of old friends. (Well, not very old friends, I've only lived here for eight months or so!)

Well, that's a basic summary of what I've been doing in the past day or so, I'm sorry it didn't actually have much to do with my day at school! Then again, there isn't much to write about school... :)


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