Monday, January 4, 2010

Introducing..... Kit!

Meet Kit, my newest American girl doll! She was a Christmas present, and I really like her a lot. Her features are beautiful, and her hair is really easy to take care of. :D She might just have to make her own blog! :P
I haven't gotten a lot out of her, but so far I have discovered that she likes writing, and outdoor activities such as swimming, running, tennis, and soccer. She didn't tell me, but I found out that she also draws a lot as well. (I knew that I shouldn't have left my new notebook and pen on the floor.)
The only pet she has is a basset hound. (Isn't that enough? :) That makes three dogs in my bedroom now... :D (just counting the dolls' dogs XD)


Sunshine said...

Nice! Let me guess... you knit her hat? She is CUTE!

mimi said...

Thank you! :) No I didn't make her hat, it came with her accessories. ;D

Anonymous said...

Kit is beautiful, Mimi. Someday, Santa will have to bring me one of these pretty dolls. It's so much fun to watch you dress them. XO

Rita said...

That was not anonymous. I'm Rita. Hmph.

mimi said...

Thank you Rita! I'm glad you enjoy my blog!
PS: Blogger does that to me a lot too :P