Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to school!

While taking this picture, I happened to wonder aloud about why Josefina was wearing overalls and a long sleeved shirt, in 90 degree weather. "Well." she said looking at me pointedly. "I wouldn't have to if we weren't out of shoes and socks" (you can't see, but she is barefoot) I would've just ignored this, I mean it's not my fault we're out of footwear. Then she said, "Why look at Kaya! She only has socks! Samantha and Kirsten both have shoes! Playing favortites are we??" What was that supposed to mean, I wondered.

I found out. "Hey!" Josefina complained. "Why don't you knit us neat things like Samantha's cool vest, or Kirsten's sweater??" I tried to explain. "I would've let one of you wear it, but Samantha was already wearing that shirt, and the vest just screams for a collared shirt, and the only other one is yellow plaid, which looks nasty with burgundy, and.."
"Yeah." she said. "Who did you take pictures of a couple of weeks ago?" "Samantha and Kirsten.." I began. "You see? It must be their hair."
"That's not it at all, a couple of weeks ago Kaya was in her pajamas, and I was measuring your foot for a sock, "
"You're getting knit socks?!" The other three demanded.
Oh no....


Rita said...

Oh, you are so funny!

Keep up the fun stories and photos.

^__^ Rita

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