Saturday, August 22, 2009


Kirsten: Hey Samantha! I've got something for you, knitting needles!
Samantha: Oh neat! Thanks!

Samantha:...Sooooo, where do the batteries go?
Kirsten: Batteries? You don't use batteries, here, let me teach you.

Kirsten: You see Samantha? It's really that easy.
Samantha: Yeah, I think I'm really getting the hang of it...

Coconut: Bark!
Samantha: AAAAH!
Kirsten: Coconut! Get over here!

Kirsten: Coconut! Give it back!


Rita said...

What a cute picture story! I love the part about batteries for the knitting needles--I could use some like that. Did you make the little needles, too?

Very fun. Thank you for sharing.

XX00 -- Rita

mimi said...

Thank you!
I made the knitting needles out of the ends of dowel rods with pony beads glued on.