Monday, January 26, 2009

New dolls!!

Well, not exactly. Actually, these were Christmas presents for family members. The red headed one is my mom's. Link was for my older brother. The one with pink-hair is for my younger sister. The one with black-hair is my youngest sister's. The business guy is my dad's, and the blond one is mine. I made Link's and the business guy's clothes, my mom made two of the outfits, one kelly dress, and the one with pink hair's dress is a calico critters. Soon, I am going to post pictures of some miniature furniture that I made from my own patterns.


Sunshine said...

Wow! Those are SO cool!
Do you take orders?

mimi said...

Thank you! I really enjoy making them!

Rita said...

Hi Mimi:

You did a great job on these little dolls. I bet your family is really enjoying them. Are you letting them live in your doll house? Oh, and I love the furniture, too. You are sooo talented!

Love -- Rita

mimi said...

Thanks! Yes, the ones that I keep live in my dollhouse.